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Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) is open to Community/ Voluntary Groups, Small Business and individuals for its 2022 renewal and new membership. If your community/ voluntary group or business wish to be part of the development of the county- including creating new jobs, promoting social inclusion and improving the quality of life for the people of Kilkenny, now is your opportunity to become a Member of an organisation dedicated to those goals- and which has a reputation as one of the most consistently successful of the LEADER partnerships in Ireland. KLP currently has over 230 registered Members from the community and voluntary groups and small businesses of the county.

The benefits of joining are many; KLP’s Members will set policy for KLP and be at the forefront of helping to develop their county. Members will be given free admittance to KLP’s 2022 schedule of policy-setting ‘think tanks’, seminars and conferences on important issues such as Transport, Broadband, Tourism and Food Strategy.

Members also enjoy such benefits as:

  • Community & Voluntary group members and Small Business members may participate in Board elections for Directors of KLP
  • All members may participate in future planning, research and consultations
  • All members may attend Annual General Meetings and other member events/ seminars
  • All members get regular updates on KLP projects, initiatives, news and activities


Membership is payable annually in cheque or cash, the fee for 2022 for each group is as follows:

  • €5 for membership per community/ voluntary groups
  • €10 for membership per business
  • €5 for membership per individual



  1. KLP ethos is based on equality, inclusion and being unambiguously community led: the ‘bottom-up’ development philosophy.
  2. Our work is focused on the needs and wants of our county. KLP services are primarily guided by the needs of the local community and small businesses.
  3. We will continue to cooperate and create partnerships with both public bodies and private business to mutual advantage.
  4. Our strategies are integrated and broadly based, including economic, social, environmental, heritage and cultural elements.
  5. We commit to using new and innovative approaches to create jobs and improve the quality of life for rural people.

If you support the KLP Ethos and would like to apply to become a registered member of KLP download an application from the box above or view the criteria for members in the relevant boxes below.



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Individual Applicants

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