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Request for Quotes:  Training Supports to the migrant community in Kilkenny.

Tender Title / Reference:  Kilkenny

Procedure: OPEN

Issue Date: 07/May /2021

Closing Date / Time for receipt of Tenders: 19th May 2021 @ 3:30pm

Completed tender documents to be submitted via email to:


Instructions for Return of Tenders: Submissions must be submitted in a SINGLE document, preferably in pdf format.

Queries re tender can be emailed

 to tom.mcdonald@cklp.ie

Please note that the issuing of a contract relating to this request for tender is subject to awarding of funding.


Purpose of Tender

The purpose of the project is to implement a programme of Training Supports to the migrant community in Kilkenny. The project will seek to provide the participants with a broad range of supports, English language and employment services. The training programme  recognises and harnesses the resilience of refugees and migrants who have made Kilkenny their home and builds on their strengths


Rationale for Project

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) is the integrated local development company’ administering the LEADER and other development programmes in County Kilkenny. Kilkenny, like most other areas of the country, has seen a significant increase in the diversity of its population.


Ireland is now a multi-racial and multicultural country. The 2016 Census confirms that 535,475 immigrants now live in Ireland. In terms of origin, 26% of total immigrants to Ireland in 2018 came from the EU, 8% came from the UK and 34% from the rest of the world. Overall this is a hugely positive thing. In a short period of time, Ireland has transformed from a country defined by its emigration history to an inward-receiving host country, with immigrants bringing economic growth and social energy. However, complexities arise from that change posing difficulties that are felt in many local communities. A specific issue that arises is a resistance to integration which presents challenges to new communities. For example, migrants encounter many barriers to employment such as poor English, lack of work experience in Ireland, over-qualification, gaps in C.V., need for further skills or training and racist attitudes, among others. The internationalisation of the population presents Ireland with the challenge of developing a truly integrated society that values cultural and ethnic diversity. Policies and strategies are beginning to address the issues of integration at both local and national levels. However, there is still a fundamental need for promotion and encouragement to develop an inclusive and integrated society with respect for, and recognition of, diverse cultures.

Currently we would like to invite tenders for the implementation of the following target supports to the migrant community in Kilkenny.

English language training.

The provision of English language for work training for two hours per week for 24 weeks spread over three terms and English conversation classes one day a week for 20 weeks.

Computer training

The provision of Digital training (with individual tutoring where needed) for 2 hours per week for 24 weeks spread over three terms

Citizenship Course

To organise one citizenship course for migrants introducing participants to how government works at local and national level. The course would consist of four 2-hour modules.

Provision of Information, advice, and workshops

This involves specialised workshops & support for immigrants with regard to accessing services; Administrative support to help immigrants regularise their immigration status, renew work and residency permits.      Information and guidance for immigrants in relation to applying for citizenship, leading to better outcomes with less errors. Estimated number of supports to be delivered 200.


The Selection Process:

Each tender will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Experience of and ability of the tender to provide English language and IT training including the provision of suitable space in Kilkenny (30 Marks)
  • Knowledge & experience of the tender to support individuals from a migrant background to provide information and advice to migrants (30 Marks)
  • Experience of the group in dealing with marginalised communities (25 Marks)
  • Price, including VAT and Expenses (15 Marks).


Tender details:

For further information you may contact Tom McDonald by email tom.mcdonald@cklp.ie

Finance and Governance:

The tender should not exceed €25,000. Successful bidder must have a current Tax Clearance and professional Indemnity Insurance, these must be furnished to Kilkenny LEADER Partnership prior to contract.


Submit tender to:

By email to; tom.mcdonald@cklp.ie no later than 3.30 pm 19th May 2021








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