Farmer Well-Being Programme

Farmer Well-Being Programme

Kilkenny Leader Partnership has devised a 14-week programme that aims to support farmers in a holistic way, by providing practical advice on CAP reform, Health & Safety, Agri-business opportunities as well as skills to deal with stress, personal development and resilience building.

Earlier in the year a pilot programme was developed with a group of eight farmers and based on the outcomes and feedback from this group, a specially designed programme has been created to meet the needs of farmers who wish to make changes in their own lives. This is achieved through three main strands of learning;

  • Traditional skills Development (dry stone wall building, live willow, woodcraft, and hedge laying),
  • Regulatory Environment Awareness (cap reform, health & safety, Agri-business opportunities plus more)
  • Personal Development (stress management, adventure therapy, mindfulness, nutrition)

“Farmers find it difficult to find time for themselves, there will always be a reason not to carve out time to focus on your own wellbeing, but the question is, can you afford not to? Getting away from the farm, meeting new people, learning new things provides the head space to look at things from a different perspective” Conor Cleere, KLP

Any farm family in the Leinster and Southeast area is eligible to sign up for the programme. Over the course of the 14-week, flexible and blended course, participants will hone practical skills from trusted experts in the agricultural and education sectors.

The in-depth programme also gives much-needed time to de-stress and unwind with some fun adventure pursuits at the course venue, Castlecomer Discovery Park. The course requires a half-day commitment once a week.

While the programme is free, interested parties must register first by contacting Conor Cleere at Kilkenny LEADER Partnership at  0567752111 or The programme will also help farm families improve their traditional and digital skills, learn about alternative farm futures, care for their general health and mental wellbeing and so much more.

Farmer Well-Being Video

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