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Download the Cycle Kilkenny "Building Vibrant Communities" Presentation

Improving Kilkenny's Cycle Culture

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) and a number of stakeholders have been exploring a number of actions that promotes an improved ‘cycling culture’ in Kilkenny City. This stakeholder cooperation comprised of Kilkenny County Council (KCC), Kilkenny Sports and Recreation Partnership (KRSP), Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce (K-Chamber), Representatives of State Street International, Ireland Limited and Foroige/ Comhairle.

In 2018, the stakeholders visited Velenje in Slovenia a city of similar size to Kilkenny, where a bike scheme had been developed which ulitmately resulted in a LEADER Cooperation project with our partners in Slovenia.

KLP later commissioned a study that reviewed in depth the development of cycling in Kilkenny. This study identified the critical path through which stakeholders can promote cycling in Kilkenny as well as the critical milestones and associated infrastructure enhancements that could create and foster a pro-cycling culture and environment, appropriate to and safe for all. It is within this context that the promotion of cycling can make a notable contribution to the social, economic and environmental development of Kilkenny City.

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