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Kilkenny Volunteer Information Service is a new service to Kilkenny.  We work to promote and support volunteering in Kilkenny.   We are a resource for individuals who want to volunteer and for groups and organisations looking for volunteers.  Kilkenny Volunteer Information Service is an affiliate of Volunteer Ireland


Why Should I Volunteer?

-   Give something back to your community.
-   Gain new skills and enhance existing skills.
-   Meet new people with similar interests.
-   Gain valuable experience – often with a view
to gaining employment.
-   Feel connected to your community.
-   Make a difference in someone’s life.
-   Have fun with like-minded people.


Your Help is Important

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of Irish Society, in area such as:
-   Social service
-   The arts
-   Educaton
-   Cutlure
-   Health
-   Environment


How do I apply to become a volunteer?

1.   Contact Kilkenny Volunteer Information Service at 056 7752111 or email fergus.horgan@cklp.ie to make an appointment

2.   Fill out an application form.  We will upload your details to I-VOL. *

3.  After applying through I-VOL,  you and the organisation will receive an automatic email with your details. The organisation is expected to contact you  directly. * I-VOL is a national volunteering database, where you can find all the various volunteering opportunities active in Ireland. You can use it to choose the roles you prefer according to specific criteria.

4.   You will receive a email with details of your referral to the organisation. This is processed manually by us. The organisation is expected to contact you directly. Depending on the organisation,  communication regarding your referral may vary.  You may receive a  phone call, an email or they might send a application pack in the post.  If you do not hear from the organisation within a week you should contact them directly with a friendly reminder.   If there is still no response, please contact us so we can follow up for you.

5.   You will also receive an email with the details of the organisation which is processed manually by Kilkenny Volunteer Information Service.  You are then expected to contact the organisation directly, following any instruction provided in the email.


How long does it take to get started?

The time it takes to get started as a volunteer varies depending on the role. There are some once-off informal roles in which you can get started straight away.

Other roles take longer, depending on the recruitment and screening process of the organisation.  Many organisations need to interview, check references and vet their volunteers. The Garda vetting process (if required) can take between 2-4 weeks. In these roles you should expect it to take at least one month to get started.  This can be frustrating for some people but please bear in mind these organisations need to consider the needs of their service users first.


Where can you find us?

Kilkenny Volunteer Information Service
Kilkenny LEADER Partnership
8 Patricks Court
R95 X677

T:    056 7752111
M:  086 8528884
E:    fergus.horgan@cklp.ie

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