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What is The Nore Vision? First and foremost, The Nore Vision is an evolving initiative. To date, The Nore Vision has been a consultation process funded by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, Laois Partnership, North Tipperary Development Company and South Tipperary Development Company through LEADER funding under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Who is The Nore Vision? The Nore Vision is ‘you’. It is every stakeholder who has participated in the consultation process, sharing their hopes and ideas for the future of River Nore and its tributaries, whether an individual, or as a representative of a group, organisation or agency. The Nore Vision is overseen by a voluntary steering group with members drawn from the community, development organisations, local authorities and statutory agencies.

The Nore Vision process: From October 2017 to March 2018, over 200 people participated in consultation workshops for The Nore Vision including residents, landowners, community groups, development organisations and government agencies. The Nore Vision consultations revealed that while people, groups and agencies have a range of perspectives and priorities when it comes to the River Nore and its tributaries, there is a great deal of common ground when it comes to their ‘Vision’ for the future.

The Nore Vision report: This report brings together the contributions of all the stakeholders that participated in the consultation and presents their collective aspirations and ideas for the future of the Nore and its tributaries. It also reveals the extent of people, groups, organisations and agencies working on matters related to the Nore. The consensus that is documented in this report from around the catchment and across interests is a valuable outcome of the consultation process. This is summarised into the five priority themes of ‘The Nore Vision’ towards the end of the report. This is the statement of the shared aspirations of stakeholders for the future of the River Nore and all of its tributaries (the River), the land that drains into them, and the people who live and work there. It sets out the future that the participants in the 2017/2018 consultation process for The Nore Vision wish to see for the catchment during their lifetime.

Sound of The Nore

Series of podcasts about the NoreVision project.

Programme 1 - Nore Vision - An Introduction to Nore Vision

Ann Marie McSorley and Dr Amanda Greer join Sue Nunn to talk about the Nore Vision Project and the various strands involved in promoting and nurturing the River Nore along its catchment area. The launch of the 1000 Friends of the Nore Campaign is live.

Programme 2 - Nore Vision - Citizen Science Project

It’s all about the uplands and engaging with farmers whose land skirts the River Nore in this interview with architect Helena Fitzgerald. She is joined by Martin Rafter, Assistant CEO of Kilkenny Leader Partnership who gives an insight into the networks and collaborations which have come about as a result of the Nore Vision Project.

Programme 3 - Nore Vision - Invasive Species Project

Maurice Keane from Zia Consulting Ltd and Declan Rice CEO of Kilkenny County Leader Partnership explain the plans to leave a lasting structure in place to support all aspects of the River Nore and it’s catchment area under the Nore Vision Project.

Programme 4 - Nore Vision - Oral History Project

Mairead Rohan, Enterprise Officer with Kilkenny Leader Partnership tells us about their role in the Nore Vision Project and Maura Brennan gives us an insight into the Acorn Project and her plan to work with children and teach them about the heritage and living landscape of the woodlands of the Nore.

Programme 5 - Nore Vision - Litter

Harry Everard, Rural Recreation Officer with Kilkenny Leader Partnership and Patrick Lydon and Pat Boyd all involved in the Nore Vision Project share their love, experiences and aims for the River Nore.

Programme 6 - Nore Vision - The Uplands and Farming

In the 6th programme in the Nore Vision radio series we visit the uplands of the River Nore, talk about the farm walks organised by Nore Vision, discuss farm ecology and explore the role of the farmer and farm policy in improving the water quality of the River Nore. It features Michael Costigan from Clonakenny, Bredan McSorley, Field Officer for the Farm Walks and Mags Morrissey Ecologist on the Farm Walks and Denis Drennan Chair of the Farm and Rural Affairs Committee of the ICMSA.

Programme 7 - Nore Vision - Amenities on the River

The River Nore provides a great space for outdoors activities and in this programme we feature some of the people who swim, fish, walk and boat on the river. Featuring Denis Drennan, Paddy Dunne, Tommy Hoyne, Aidan Brennan, Donnachadh Brennan and the Thomastown Paddlers, Cliff Reid and finally Maura Brennan of the Acorn Project who is involved in educating young people about their environment.

Programme 8 - Nore Vision - Industry

In Programme 8 we explore how industry has moulded itself around the geological landscape of the River Nore in the form of mining, milling, brewing and more. This programme features Taly Williams hydrogeologist with the Geological Survey of Ireland, Rick McGrath engineer, Brett's Sawmills Kilkenny, Paddy Neary historian and Lisa Maher from the EPA.

Programme 9 - Nore Vision - The Future

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