Tender Date posted: 1st March 2017

Tender Deadline: 16th March 2017


Is seeking tenders for the delivery of the


Kickstart is a job placement initiative for unemployed people developed by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) to address the specific employment opportunities in Kilkenny and match local employers and interested jobseekers.  This programme was developed in partnership with State Street and the Department of Social Protection.  Based on its consultation and research, Kickstart will place participants in sectors that offer real employment prospects and training.  It is proposed that the lessons of Kickstart may influence national policy in the area of placements and unemployment. KLP developed Kickstart as a way of driving its Employability Strategy which was published in 2010 and forms a key part of the 2015 – 2018 strategy.

Kickstart will place participants in Kilkenny business sectors that offer the identified employment growth.  With the support of general training in IT, communications, presentation skills and project management, the aim is to equip participants with the skills and experience to gain permanent employment in that sector.  In addition, they have the opportunity to undertake a specialised training course in a project field recommended by the employer.

To support the implementation of the Kickstart Programme KLP is seeking a training provider to deliver the following pieces of work within the programme;

  • Support the recruitment of 50 participants on to the programme through the interview process
  • Working with key KLP staff to recruit new employers to the programme
  • Support the matching process between the participant and the employers
  • Deliver core training experiences in Personal Examination of ambitions, basic ICT and Communication Skills.
  • Identify the project the employer needs developed and associated training required.
  • Continued liaison between employer and participant to ensure retention
  • Delivery of necessary reports and project administration.


  1. 50 participants successfully placed on meaningful and relevant  work placements
  2. Expansion of number of employers attached to the programme
  3. Progression of all participants on to firstly jobs/self-employment, and/or further education and other outcomes such as internships and focused engagement with  employment services
  4. Strengthening of the content of the programme where necessary.

To submit a tender please;

  1. Supply a detailed outline of the approach to and content of the work detailed above
  2. Supply clear costings for inputs
  3. Provide evidence of insurance
  4. Provide a current Tax Clearance Certificate.
  5. Provide evidence of previous work in training, development, employment and enterprise services

Submit tender to;

By post; Alison Iremonger. Kilkenny LEADER Partnership. 8 Patricks Ct. Patricks St Kilkenny. Or by email to; alison.iremonger@cklp.ie no later than 5 pm Thursday 16th March 2017.


Tender Date posted: 8th March 2017

Tender Deadline: 31st March 2017


Request for expression of interest for inclusion on a panel to deliver educational or developmental supports to children (under15 years) and young people (aged 15 years and upwards)

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership is seeking applications from Service Providers/Trainers/Tutors in the following areas:

  • In-school programmes for primary or secondary schools
  • Breakfast clubs
  • After-school youth work initiatives
    • Summer camps
  • Sport and recreation programmes
  • Award ceremonies celebrating the achievements of children and young people
  • Training events specifically delivered to children/young people or those working with such groups
  • First Aid training
  • Child protection training
  • Introduction to niche & general food production for young people
  • Supports to issue based groups e.g. Travellers, LGBT, Non-nationals
  • Supports to assist children/young people to access additional supports e.g. addiction services, health & well-being
  • Education supports for children/young people to achieve accreditation outside of school
  • Active citizenship
  • Pre-employment skills
  • Employment Skills sampling

Programmes/activities should have a focus on preventing and reducing early school leaving, encouraging young children who have left the school system to return and assisting them into further education, training or a job.

To qualify applicants must:

  • Have relevant professional qualification
  • Have experience delivering training/tutoring
  • Have experience work with diverse groups
  • Be able to reflect an understanding of issues attached to social inclusion/exclusion
  • Relevant administration skills that support the necessary recording and administration of the delivery of accredited and uncredited programmes or modules
  • Have Knowledge of the National Qualifications Framework

Applications must contain:

  • Cover letter/email
  • A CV/Personal Profile or Organisation overview
  • A completed SICAP application form for Service Providers
  • An outline of the proposal or approach to module/programme
  • Tax Clearance Cert. Tenderers should contact their local Revenue District or Large Cases Division as appropriate. Full contact details can be obtained, and for most cases an online application for Tax Clearance Certs can be made at revenue.ie
  • Copy of Insurance where appropriate


Applications should be submitted to:

Brian Spratt

8 Patricks Court

Patricks St


R95 X677

Or by email to: brian.spratt@cklp.ie no later than 5pm on Friday 31st of March 2017








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