In 2015 Kilkenny LEADER Partnership and Kilkenny County Council supported the development of a Family Services, Community Development, and Employment & Enterprise Plan for a principal town in Co Kilkenny. Following this process and for the successful delivery of a plan it has been agreed that a local review of community structures in this town be carried out in cooperation with local community representatives.

The planning process revealed a number of issues;

  • A number of poorly related community structures in the town.
  • A level of conflict between these structures
  • Cross over in terms of roles of committees and groups
  • The potential addition of a Steering Committee to drive the plan above could further confuse the role of groups in terms of the towns development
  • Committees (with significant responsibilities), that require strengthening e.g. the Hall Committee
  • Services that require a level of community support – Childcare Service, Family Services – dedicated committees where relevant but not further adding to local representative/ participatory infrastructure.


The Task

  • Through the process of good participatory community engagement and practices with local people and groups the successful tenderer will be expected to;
  • Document the history of the development of local community structures. This will include extracting the original intended role of each committee/group and how this has changed (or not), over time
  • Identification of overlap in function and alignment of ambitions
  • Identification of areas of conflict.
  • Identification of areas where a ‘small dedicated committee’ is required and/or needs strengthening
  • Identification of areas where good relations can be built on

This must be combined in a plan for moving forward where structures will be;

  • Better aligned/linked and networked
  • Reduced in number if necessary
  • Less conflicted
  • Strengthened



Support the foundation of a collaborative town structure that is visionary and strategic which will meet at least twice per year to support the delivery of an integrated plan for the town.

Value of tender; €5,000.00

Proposals should contain;

  • Outline of methodology
  • Detail of key outputs to be generated by planning process
  • CV/Evidence of previous work
  • Full set of costing’s
  • Evidence of  Qualifications’
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for suppliers and contractors
  • Insurance/Professional Indemnification


Deadline for Proposals;

We would ask that tender be received no later than 5:00 PM on 13/01/2017. Tenders can be emailed martin.rafter@cklp.ie or posted to Kilkenny LEADER Partnership. 8 Patrick’s Court Kilkenny All queries should be made to Martin Rafter by email or telephone; 056 77 52111.





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