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Youth Funding Tenders

Deadline:  Friday, 1st March 2019 before 5pm

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Request for proposals under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme for the delivery of educational and/or developmental supports to children and young people (under 18 years of age). KLP, under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme has a small fund to support activities/programmes under the headings below.

  • Additional tuition
  • Access to further education & training
  • After-school youth work initiatives
  • Sports/recreation/culture
  • Welfare & wellbeing
  • English language supports
  • Equality/Anti-discrimination
  • Family supports
  • Pre-school supports
  • Homework club
  • Information technology
  • Youth work

Programmes/activities must have a focus on communities/groups experiencing social exclusion and/or aimed at preventing/reducing early school leaving, encouraging young children who have left the school system to return and assisting them into further education, training or the labour market.

To qualify applicants must:

  • Have experience delivery of youth focused programmes/projects
  • Have experience work with diverse and marginalised groups
  • Be able to reflect an understanding of issues attached to social inclusion/exclusion
  • Relevant administration skills that support the necessary recording and administration of the delivery of accredited and uncredited programmes or modules
  • Have Knowledge of the National Qualifications Framework

Applications must contain:

  • Cover letter/email
  • A CV/Personal Profile or Organisation overview
  • A completed SICAP application form
  • An outline of the proposal or approach to module/programme/project and deliverables.
  • Tax Clearance Cert. Tenderers should contact their local Revenue District or Large Cases Division as appropriate. Full contact details can be obtained, and for most cases an online application for Tax Clearance Certs can be made at revenue.ie
  • Copy of Insurance where appropriate


Applications should be submitted to:

Brian Spratt

8 Patricks Court

Patricks St


R95 X677

Or by email to: brian.spratt@cklp.ie no later than 5pm on Friday 1st March 2019


KTCM Review Leadership Programme

Tender Title / Reference  


Review of Activities & Traveller Community Leadership Programme


Procedure OPEN
Issue Date 07th February 2019
Closing Date / Time for receipt of Tenders 22nd February 2019 @ 5:00pm
Instructions for Return of Tenders: Completed tender documents to be submitted via email to tom.mcdonald@cklp.ie

Submissions must be submitted in a SINGLE document, preferably in pdf format.

Please note that the issuing of a contract relating to this request for tender is subject to awarding of funding.


KTCM is a Traveller led organisation which supports Travellers and Traveller community development throughout County Kilkenny. The organisation has the following aim and objectives:


Aim: To provide a supportive environment for all Travellers in County Kilkenny to work together and make progress.


Objectives: · To provide support and a friendly environment for Travellers to work together and participate · To support groups around the county to develop, encourage Traveller participation and leadership in order to make progress · To provide and link Travellers into opportunities for education and training · To create and link Travellers into employment opportunities · To create awareness and promote a better understanding of Traveller culture and lifestyle · To work with honesty and respect for others · To promote the inclusion of Travellers and their culture · To support Travellers to network with other Traveller families, communities and organisations.


The projects is responsible for the oversight and in some cases the delivery - with partners - of the following projects;


  • An Afterschool’s Service
  • A community development programme of work
  • Traveller Horse engagement work
  • Community Healthcare Project.


The KTCM is seeking tenders which will outline how the contractor will approach;

  • A review of the focus and effectiveness of the community development activities attached to the KTCM.
  • A review of the leadership capacity within the KTCM, where new leaders might be emerging and how this can be resourced through a leadership training programme.
  • Using a participatory approach design and deliver a training programme that builds the capacity and focus in the leadership focus of the KTCM. The training programme should include a member led process. Elements of this programme should include a level of certification.
  • Identification of priority issues and fora where Traveller representation should be strengthened. The production of a strategy document identifying these issues.


To submit a tender please;


  • Clear outline of process/plan.
  • Supply clear costings for inputs.
  • Provide evidence of insurance.
  • Provide a current Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Provide evidence of previous work in training & development. In particular any previous work with the Traveller community.


For further information you may contact; Tom McDonald details below.

Submit tender to;


By post; Tom McDonald, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership. 8 Patricks Ct. Patricks St Kilkenny. Or by email to; tom.mcdonald@cklp.ie no later than 5 pm 22nd February 2019



Any queries should be addressed to Tom McDonald on the above email or by phone on (056) 7752111.




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