Tenders 2019

Request for Quote

Tender Title / Reference: Intercultural House Feasibility
Procedure:  OPEN
Issue Date: 7th May 2019
Closing Date / Time for receipt of Tenders: 24th May @ 5:00pm
Instructions for Return of Tenders: 

Completed tender documents to be submitted via email to m.brennan@twilight.ie

Submissions must be submitted in a SINGLE document, preferably in pdf format.

Please note that the issuing of a contract relating to this request for tender is subject to awarding of funding.



About Twilight Community Group LTD.

The main objective for which Twilight Community Group is for the promotion integration and social inclusion of communities focusing on the needs of immigrants, ethnic minorities, disadvantage and disability groups, in Kilkenny & the south east region, incorporating our European connections, We do this by organising and providing support for education, exchange programmes, festivals, exhibitions, workshops, arts training, performances and other cultural events, all of which will be available for free or at minimum costs.


This proposal is to explore the feasibility of an international cultural centre for Kilkenny.

Our vision is;

  • To have an International Cultural centre combining all Nationalities and groups regardless of background or status
  • To give a unique opportunity to support, develop cultural activities and through their regular contact intercultural programmes.
  • To offer support and advice on many different subjects of Interest we can develop and socially inclusive society through integration.
  • To work together as one organisable group makes this project financially viable rather than each community’s current ambition of one per community.
  • With our support and European connections to offer a better future to develop an individual’s future and assist in education, language, personal development to offer a more exciting, Successfully future and a path to employment

This proposal is a response to feedback from ethnic groups and feedback from a conference we ran on the Stigmatization of Migrants in October 2018.


  • To undertake a Stakeholder engagement into the feasibility of an Intercultural Centre in Kilkenny to include representatives of the ethnic groups as well agencies involved in supporting the migrant community in Kilkenny including, Kilkenny County Council, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, FRC’s, the FAI, the Migrant Council of Ireland and other people who work with migrants in Kilkenny
  • To ascertain the various needs for the Centre from the various ethnic groups identified for the centre
  • To identify models of intercultural centres and to make recommendations on the appropriate model for the centre and to make recommendations on a proposed structure
  • To explore the financial feasibility for operational costs of a centre and potential funding streams
  • To explore options for a community café as part of the centre.

Project outcomes

  • To have engaged fully with the key stakeholders.
  • Develop an agreed Development Plan
  • Make recommendations on the next steps
  • All of the above information to be submitted in a detailed final report.

Timescale; the timescale for this project is 2 months


Interested parties should provide the following information:

  • Details of experience in delivering projects of a similar nature (25 marks)
  • Details of the project team and responsibility / task assigned to team members (20 marks)
  • Proposed methodology / approach to delivering the project (25 marks)
  • Confirmation of availability to commence the project in June and complete within a three month time period. (15 marks)
  • Price, including VAT and Expenses (15 marks).

Required Format for Submissions

General Information

Tenders should include the following information;

  • Name and contact details of individual / organisation submitting the tender
  • Name and contact details of any third parties involved in the tender
  • Name of person dealing with the tender
  • Name of person(s) delivering each aspect of the project
  • Qualifications and experience of main contacts
  • Details of similar work undertaken
  • Capacity to deliver contract requirements
  • Methodologies proposed (as per previous section)
  • Project details
  • Timeframe / timetable proposed and availability
  • Itemised costings
  • Names and contact details of two referees
  • Up to date Tax Clearance Certificate and Tax Clearance Access Number
  • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

Finance and Governance

Total project budget is €7,000 – must include all expenses and VAT. Successful bidder must have a current Tax Clearance and professional Indemnity Insurance.

Completed Tenders

Please send completed proposals to Murty Brennan email m.brennan@twilight.ie, on or before Monday 24th May by 5pm. Completed proposals should be emailed to m.brennan@twilight.ie


Any queries should be addressed to Murty on the above email or by phone on 086 3255840.




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