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Building an Inclusive Food Culture Training Programme


KLP wish to work collaboratively with SPC to pilot a project to ‘Build an Inclusive Food Culture’ for all Kilkenny citizens by building the capacity within main steam community eateries to offer menus prepared in a manner that meets the needs of those with compromised swallow. This unmet need that would offer opportunities across the life cycles of children with disabilities, adults with disabilities and the aging population who present with these needs. Moreover; these citizens will be able to contribute to the social, cultural and economic benefits of the food industry within Kilkenny.


KLP & SPC now wish to broaden the options of inclusive food settings by engaging with mainstream eateries including hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as families and carers across the county of Kilkenny through;

  • The provision of training professional chefs to deconstruct and reconstruct fresh food in a manner that would serve those who need blended meals. The aim will be to have a number of eateries across Kilkenny that can offer fresh blended meals and this in turn will offer many more options for the people who need these meals to be actively contribute as ‘Customer’s and ‘Citizens’ of their local communities. This will also enhance the inclusivity of the communities and of local food producers.
  • The project will also offer a workshop for Family Members and/or Carers of people in Kilkenny who would also require these types of meals.
  • A workshop in the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival for the broader community to engage and learn how good food prepared with care can offer real food experiences to citizens with dysphagia

This project would encompass;

  • Training for Kilkenny Chefs (from range of eateries) x 8 half day sessions
  • Workshop for Kilkenny Families/Carers including demonstration and guidance x 1 large sale event.
  • Workshop at Savour Kilkenny Food Festival x 1.
  • Progress/Learning Tracking – for sharing and dissemination of learning with a wider network (Nationally – Care Providers, HSE, State Claims Agency etc.)  
  • Film all elements of the programme to tell a story including the emergence of the project and impacts.


Timescale; the timescale for this project is four months. Commencing July 2019.  



Interested parties should provide the following information:

  • Details of experience in delivering projects of a similar nature (25 marks)
  • Details of the project team and responsibility / task assigned to team members (20 marks)
  • Proposed methodology / approach to delivering the project (25 marks)
  • Confirmation of availability to commence the project in July and complete within a four month time period. (15 marks)
  • Price, including VAT and Expenses (15 marks).


Required Format for Submissions

General Information

Tenders should include the following information;

  • Name and contact details of individual / organisation submitting the tender
  • Name and contact details of any third parties involved in the tender
  • Name of person dealing with the tender
  • Name of person(s) delivering each aspect of the project
  • Qualifications and experience of main contacts
  • Details of similar work undertaken
  • Capacity to deliver contract requirements
  • Methodologies proposed (as per previous section)
  • Project details
  • Timeframe / timetable proposed and availability
  • Itemised costings
  • Names and contact details of two referees
  • Up to date Tax Clearance Certificate and Tax Clearance Access Number
  • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance


Finance and Governance

Total project budget is €10,000.00 for all elements – must include all expenses and VAT. Successful bidder must have a current Tax Clearance and professional Indemnity Insurance. Submission can be made for a particular element of the programme.


Completed Tenders

Please send completed proposals to Martin Rafter email; martin Rafter cklp.ie on or before Friday 30th of May 2019 at 5pm.






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