KLP Board Elections 2020

KLP Board Elections 2020

Welcome to the page that guides you through KLP’s Board Election 2020 process. 

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) is a ‘Membership-based organisation’.  KLP has a 15-person Board of Directors drawn from a broad base of stakeholders in its mission. 

  • There are direct elections for one-third of its Board of Directors by categories of those Members every 3-years.
  • Community & Voluntary Group members and Small Business Members are entitled to nominate and thereafter elect nominees to the Board of Directors for this 3-year term.
  • Individual Members do not have a vote in Director elections.
  • The next ‘term of office’ starts at the KLP AGM in October 2020.


Nomination Process

The Nomination process operates as follows:

  • The deadline for Nominations is 5 pm on Friday the 18th of September 2020.
  • Candidates for election for either the Community & Voluntary Group or Small Business director vacancies must be nominated by a total of at least two Members from the category of the nominee themselves.
  • One of these can be the Member representative seeking nomination themselves.
  • Only Members of the relevant category, Community & Voluntary Group or Small Business can nominate another person from that category.
  • A representative of the Member organisation, authorised by that body, is entitled to cast the organisation single vote in nomination. A Member cannot nominate more than one person.
  • A Membership Number, particular to the Member must be attached to any paper or online vote.
  • Nomination forms can be found on the link here (or the base on this page)- and:
    • completed in hard copy (paper) and forwarded by post, scanned email or delivered to the ballot box in KLP office by hand. Please check that the office is open to visitors.
    • Use the online nomination process on the link
  • Members should take care and time to get the express permission of a person nominated to go forward for the process.


Election Process

Voting on selecting confirmed election candidates with two nominations will commence on the 22nd of September and close 12 noon on Friday the 2nd of October 2020

  • From 2020, voting on the selection of 4 Community Group and 1 Small Business Directors will be by way of a ballot process on a ‘first past the post’ electoral system comprised of Members from the Community & Voluntary, Business and Individual groupings where nominations and elections complete before the scheduled AGM in October.
  • All Community Groups that meet the basic criteria for membership will be entitled to one single vote.
    1. Community Groups that are in a position to provide documentary evidence of having over 15 individuals registered as members at the time of the ballot, will be entitled to two votes in total (That’s an additional vote above the minimum single ballot).
    2. Community Groups that are in a position to provide documentary evidence of having over 30 individuals registered as members at the time of the ballot, will be entitled to three votes in total (That’s an additional two votes above the minimum single ballot).
    3. Small Businesses will only be entitled to one vote per Member.
    4. Individuals are not entitled to vote in elections.
  • Community Groups and Businesses will be permitted to nominate a delegate or proxy to vote of its behalf. Individuals are without vote- and thus cannot delegate proxies.
  • Individual persons will only be permitted to act as the representative or proxy of one community group, business or individual at any election at AGM or EGM.

Please note: Irrespective of adherence to Membership Criteria below, all applications for membership of Kilkenny LEADER Partnership must be approved by the Board of the Company before being accepted and registered.  The Board has it in its absolute discretion to refuse applications for membership.


Downloadable Nomination Forms


KLP Community Group Form

KLP Small Business Form



Online Nomination Form

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