Invitation for Nominations

KLP invitation for nominations

In accordance with its new Constitution adopted last year, the Board of Directors of Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) will resize from a previous 24 to 15 Directors from its AGM scheduled for mid-June this year. The restructuring process will vary according to the category of Director.
In the case of the wider Community sector, four of the new Directors will be directly elected from the Community & Voluntary Group Members of the Company- and one of the new Directors will be directly elected from the Small Business Members of the Company. KLP now invites nominations from those members for the vacancies.  Please find forms and information below.

Nominations Form

Download Nominations Form here



Nominations for Small Business Directors

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Nominations for Community Groups

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Nomination Timeline

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Standing Orders on Nominating & Voting By KLP Members

N.B.: Nothing in these Rules and Guidelines can supplant or have precedence over the Constitution of KLP. The Board of Directors in its role as the guardian of the Constitution has absolute discretion on the interpretation of the following Rules & Guidelines and has the authority to initiate and approve any changes.

General Community Group & Small Business Members Voting Rules & Guidelines

  1. All current Directors of the KLP Board are designated Members of the Company.
  2. All Kilkenny LEADER Partnership’s (KLP) Members are entitled to attend Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) of the Company where voting on resolutions and elections may or may not take place.
  3. KLP Community Group Members and Small Business Members are entitled to vote on resolutions and elections organised by the Company to changes in its Company Constitution (formerly its memorandum and articles of association) and in the election of Community and Small business nominations to the Board of Directors, as these occur and elections are organised.
  4. Only those KLP Members whose nomination mandate derives directly from the Community Group Members and Small Business Members are entitled to participate as a candidate and/ or a voting delegate in the election of those Member election processes.
  5. Individual Members are not entitled to vote at AGMs, EGMs or on resolutions and elections, although they are are entitled to speaking privileges at the meetings similar to those of other members.
  6. Each Community Group Members and Small Business Member is entitled to one vote per resolution or election at the AGMs and EGMs which the Company may call.
  7. At the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors, voting on resolutions and elections may be both by way of traditional ‘ballot box’ methods- and/ or by means of postal votes or similarly secure electronic voting method.
  8. Each Community Group or Small Business Member is required to designate and clearly identify the actual person entitled to vote as the delegate on their behalf at the time of registration. Where the delegate changes from that previously identified, a certified proxy form must be provided to the Company in advance of the vote.
  9. The Board of Directors of KLP have absolute discretion of the organisation of the voting processes, but, while respecting the requirements of secret ballots, will take the necessary steps to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of the voting process, the vote counting process and the communication process. This may, as deemed appropriate by the Board, involve the appointment of independent overseers or scrutineers of elements of the aforementioned processes- such as the Company’s auditors.



2017 Community Group and Small Business Members Election & AGM

  1. In 2017, voting on the selection of the four [4] Community Group and one [1] Small Business Directors will occur before the Company AGM in June.
  2. The Company’s auditors will oversee the integrity and confidentiality of the voting process.
  3. Community Group and Small Business Directors must be nominated from their respective Membership categories- but the two categories as joint group are permitted to vote for both set of vacancies.
    1. Each Community Group Member is entitled to nominate one person who is a designated delegate of a Community Group Member (their own or another) to be Director of the Board of the Company.
    2. Each Small Business Member is entitled to nominate one person who is a designated delegate of a Small Business Member (their own or another) to be Director of the Board of the Company.
  4. Individual persons will only be permitted to act as the representative or proxy delegate of one community group, business or individual at any election at AGM or EGM.
  5. Nominations for elections of directors in 2017 will be accepted in the period from Tuesday the 18th of April to Friday the 5th of May. Nomination forms are available from the KLP office from the 18th of April.
  6. Candidates for election for either the Community Group or Small Business director vacancies must be nominated by a total of two Members from the category itself.
  7. The voting process on election of nominations of directors will commence with the opening of receipt of postal voting on Thursday the 18th of May which process will continue for a period of three weeks until 12 noon on Thursday the 8th of June.
  8. On the evening of Thursday the 8th of June a traditional ballot box voting process will be available from 7.30 to 9 pm at a Members meeting.
  9. Community Groups and Small Businesses Members must enter their unique ‘Members Number’ on their ballot paper or postal/ electronic vote. The ballot’s confidentiality will be preserved.
  10. Community Group and Small Business will be permitted to nominate a delegate or proxy to vote of its behalf. Individual Members cannot vote- and thus cannot delegate proxies.
  11. The resulting elected nominations will require approval as Director at the meeting of the Company Board of Directors that follows the AGM on the 14th of June.



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