Ann steps out in new Trail Kilkenny role.

Today, the 4th of July is a big day for Americans. But it’s also a key date in the short life of Trail Kilkenny, as Ann Phelan of Detail Marketing will start her role as Marketing Consultant to the company. Ann will be based in the Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) offices for two days a…
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Where’s the Next Big Festival Coming From?

The Network was formed a little over a year ago ... In that time the Network has moved from collective sessions on marketing, health & safety, scheduling, etc. to agreeing on sharing of festival equipment, developing a common constitution and even adopting a logo for use in shared signage. Remarkable progress in little more than a year.

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The Townlands Project: Preserving Kilkenny History

In 2010 the Johnswell Development Committee approached KLP through the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013 (RDP) seeking support for the development and implementation of The Townlands Project.  This type of community driven project has significant relevance to the RDP and fitted neatly into the Basic Services to the Economy & Rural Population Measure in…
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Renewable Energy Camp 2011 – Kilkenny

Ireland’s first ever Renewable Energy Camp ( which will highlight business opportunities and job creation potential in the renewable energy area will take place in Kilkenny, on Friday, May 27th The free one day event is aimed at existing and start-up businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to share their experiences, gain knowledge and put…
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Green Energy Training Programme 2011 – Kilkenny

The Green Energy Training Programme kicked off in Kilkenny on 4th May with a fully packed classroom on the Renewable Energy Systems course. The programme is being support under the Leader programme with Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency facilitating the running of the courses. No better time for these courses to be run with the governments…
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News from the Food Front

The good news on the critical issue of LEADER’s eligibility to fund food projects is that a number of possible solutions have been identified. The bad news is that it will still be some time before LEADER companies like Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) can actually entertain new applications.

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Craft – is it worth it?

      Kilkenny Design Centre Shop - Part of the Legacy Kilkenny Design Workshops and all that 2011 is the Year of Craft in Ireland.  This blog is prompted by a request by a post-gradulate student for an interview on the place of craft in the enterprise base of Kilkenny.  Obviously the sector has a…
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Forestry Thinning Demonstration in Dunnamaggin

Kilkenny Leader Partnership (KLP) along with the Kilkenny Forestry Producer Group, Teagasc and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, including support from the Regional BioEnergy Business Development (RBBD) project ( organised another successful thinning demonstration on Wednesday 9th March in Dunnamaggin in County Kilkenny. There were over 40 forestry owners from around the county in attendance at…
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LEADER Support for Food Projects in Jeopardy

Irish rural development stakeholders are shocked to learn that the LEADER programme is not eleigible to fund the crucial sctor of small-food businesses. LEADER compnaies and government officials seek a quick solution to the EU ruling that prevents food projects been funded from axis 3 of the Rural Development Programme,

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