News from the Food Front

The good news on the critical issue of LEADER’s eligibility to fund food projects is that a number of possible solutions have been identified. The bad news is that it will still be some time before LEADER companies like Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) can actually entertain new applications.

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Craft – is it worth it?

      Kilkenny Design Centre Shop - Part of the Legacy Kilkenny Design Workshops and all that 2011 is the Year of Craft in Ireland.  This blog is prompted by a request by a post-gradulate student for an interview on the place of craft in the enterprise base of Kilkenny.  Obviously the sector has a…
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Forestry Thinning Demonstration in Dunnamaggin

Kilkenny Leader Partnership (KLP) along with the Kilkenny Forestry Producer Group, Teagasc and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, including support from the Regional BioEnergy Business Development (RBBD) project ( organised another successful thinning demonstration on Wednesday 9th March in Dunnamaggin in County Kilkenny. There were over 40 forestry owners from around the county in attendance at…
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LEADER Support for Food Projects in Jeopardy

Irish rural development stakeholders are shocked to learn that the LEADER programme is not eleigible to fund the crucial sctor of small-food businesses. LEADER compnaies and government officials seek a quick solution to the EU ruling that prevents food projects been funded from axis 3 of the Rural Development Programme,

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It’s time we talked about broadband

[caption id="attachment_139" align="alignleft" width="230" caption="NBS map of Kilkenny"][/caption] National broadband coverage!  What does that mean?  KLP doesn’t know, but it doubts that we are anywhere near that Shangri-La yet.  It’s always been likely that urban areas would be the first to benefit from improved broadband capacity.  They offer a critical mass of users in a…
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A Day of Votes and Boats

Voting day in the general election – or ‘GE-11’ as Newstalk FM has incessantly dubbed it! Two duties for me on what is otherwise a day’s leave– cast that ballot and visit Graiguenamanagh to witness the launch of the boats created by the Rising Tide project trainees. The ballot station duty done I journeyed to…
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How We Learned to Love Numbers (Almost)

[caption id="attachment_103" align="alignleft" width="274"] A GIS map of Kilkenny based on "larger area" statistics[/caption]   Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) is currently in a planning phase. Not that that is all we are doing, of course! But the company is hard at work in the preparation of a strategic plan for the Local Community Development Programme…
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Snow, Rural Development & NIRSA

The weather is a constant topic of discussion in Ireland. It never seems to be a source of wonder to us when it is capricious. Of course we’re not talking hurricanes or seven-year droughts here but anything out of the ordinary – even a fairly regular phenomenon, brings consternation. Snow in particular appears to drive…
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‘Rising Tide’ lifting Kilkenny and the Dunbrody?

[caption id="attachment_75" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="The Dundrody gets her 'sick planking' replaced"][/caption] Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) had a visit last week from some of its Welsh partners in the Interreg ‘Rising Tide’ project. Rising Tide is a project led by Milford Haven Port Authority and MITEC School of Boatbuilding & Marine Engineering both in Pembrokeshire in…
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